Please use the following information for your reference.

If you have any particular issue please contact us for clarification, we are happy to help, and will endeavor to find a solution for you when possible. Please note in order for complete fairness all cancellations must be in writing (email and messenger accepted), and will be considered valid once acknowledged by our staff. If you have sent us a cancellation note, but not received an acknowledgment, we encourage you to follow up with a phone call, or in person. Please be mindful that our staff are available between 09:00 and 18:00 (GMT+8). All refunds will be minus any bank charges or expenses incurred.

Diving (for certified divers)

  1. Cancellations with eight or more hours, a full refund
  2. Cancellation between three and eight hours priors to departure, 25% of full rate and equipment rental
  3. Cancellation between one and three hours priors to departure, 50% of full rate and equipment rental
  4. If you don’t show up for the booked dive you will be charged the full rate including equipment rental

Diver Training & Experience Programs

Prior to the Program starting

  1. Seven days or more, full refund
  2. Three to one day, 50% of full rate
  3. One day or less, no refund

After the program has started

  1. A guest does not wish to continue
  2. Medically unfit to continue (licensed physician certification required)

A refund is given for training course modules that were not completed, no refunds will be given for completed modules. PADI or TDI referral (where applicable) will be given for training completed successfully.

Course Materials

Regardless of when the refund is requested, we can refund any unused materials that are returned in pristine condition, and that can be re-issued to another student.

Professional Diver Programs

The course deposit is non-refundable, any balance in excess of that will be subject to the following conditions

  1. Thirty days or more, 100% of the course balance (not including deposit)
  2. Twenty-nine to ten days, 50% of the course balance (not including deposit)
  3. Ten days or less, no refund available

Course materials that are returned in pristine condition and complete can be refunded in full regardless of the time of cancellation.


  1. Cancellations made between three and two days of arrival date will forfeit 20% of total booking.
  2. Cancellations made between one and zero days of arrival date will forfeit 50% of total booking.
  3. Cancellations made on the day of arrival date or no shows will forfeit 100% of total booking.
  4. No refunds are offered for guests departing early.

Dive Safaris and packaged items

Please note due to the nature of these trips, and for simplicity, any accommodation, diving, and transfers booked as part of the safari package will be dealt with by the following conditions. Other conditions noted elsewhere for accommodation, diving, and transfers will not apply to safari packages.

  1. Up to sixty days before departure: full refund
  2. Fifty to thirty-one days prior to departure, 20% is forfeited.
  3. If within Thirty to fifteen days, 50% is forfeited.
  4. If fourteen days before departure, no refund is available

Car and Van transfers

  1. cancellations made two days or more prior to scheduled pickup, 100% refund
  2. cancellations made one day or less prior to scheduled pickup, no refund

Delays can occur, the first hour past the scheduled pick up time is provided at no charge, please note we require a flight number for all airport pickups.

Charges for additional waiting time

  1. 250 PHP per hour for a car
  2. 350 PHP per hour for a van

Day Trips

  1. Seven days or more in advance, 100% refund
  2. Six to two days in advance, 50% refund
  3. One day or less in advance, no refund

Please note any marine park or entrance fees that we have not paid in advance can be refunded entirely

Merchandise and Equipment

We are unable to provide refunds in-store, or conduct repairs. All merchandise is sold with a manufacturer’s warranty.