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The Xdeep Zen backplate, wing and harness system is great choice for divers that alternate between single and double tank dives. The Zen BC provides ample lift for single tank divers, and can support an 18 liter tank. The backplate and harness can easily be moved over to a high capacity wing such as the hydros or project BC, and at just 3KG the Xdeep Zen system makes a great travel set.

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Available on backorder

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The Xdeep Zen was designed to be completely streamlined, tough in design, and diver configurable. Perfectly suited for single tank diving, the Harness and backplate can be also moved to a high capacity wing for twin tank diving.

The ability to streamline the divers body and equipment in the water has significant advantages. Low drag reduces the effort needed to move through the water. The less effort, the better our gas consumption and the more time we get on our underwater adventure.

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