Stealth 2.0 Classic


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The Stealth 2.0 classic was created with deep decompression diving and prolonged cave penetrations in mind. With 16 kilograms of lift the wing was built to support the multiple tanks, and remain streamlined. The STEALTH 2.0  keeps you stable, balanced and in trim, whatever the level of inflation.

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The revolutionary design of the Xdeep stealth 2.0 was a response to the needs of the sidemount diver. The baffled interior of the BCD distributes gas evenly throughout, allowing for perfect streamlining with or without multiple heavy cylinders. Placing the dump valve in the centre of the BCD means a diver need not break trim to adjust buoyancy. Keeping the bladder and harness separate make the unit completely user configurable, and allow for on the fly adjustments during a dive.


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