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The Shearwater Teric is a full technical dive computer that includes open-circuit and closed-circuit Air, Nitrox and Trimix multi-gas functionality along with a three-axis tilt-compensated digital compass. It has Recreational, Gauge, Freediving, Open-Circuit Tech and Closed-Circuit/Bail-Out modes. The Teric supports air integration (AI), and is capable of wirelessly connecting to either one or two transmitters (sold separately).

Available for local pickup, or for delivery within the Philippines


The Teric has four SS 316 buttons and incorporates very intuitive, user-configurable, and adaptable menus which make operating the Teric navigating information, and adjusting functions during a dive very straight forward.

During a decompression dive, the Teric provides complete information displays of all required stop times. The Teric can provide time-to-surface based on look ahead at planned gas switches. Multiple gas definition presets are supported with any combination of oxygen, nitrogen and helium. The Teric will not lockout after a missed stop or ascent rate violation. After the dive, the Teric communicates via Bluetooth to connect with the Shearwater Cloud dive log manager, which is compatible with MS Windows, OS X, iOS and Android devices, supporting wireless log downloads and firmware updates.

The Teric has been designed with a wireless rechargeable battery and includes a wireless charger. Typical dive time on a single charge is at between 30 hours and 50 hours, depending on the features enabled. The expected life of the built-in battery is five years and the battery can be replaced at one of the Shearwater factory-authorized service centers.

Included with every Teric is a PET screen protector, strap pin (spare) with installation/removal screwdriver tools, wireless charging stand and USB cable, USB Bluetooth adapter, zippered travel case, printed Quick Start Guide with instructions for downloading the full manual and software from the Shearwater Research, and a travel case.

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Weight0.120 kg
Dimensions5.5 × 5.5 × 1.8 cm
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