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Every component of the xDeep Hydros 40 Dir AL has been engineered to provide an enhanced diving experience. It gives the diver significantly improved stability in the water. Gas dead zones have been eliminated to avoid trapped air pockets, this reduces drag and negative effects on a divers buoyancy. The design provides great access to valves through a carefully laid out top wing design. achieving expert trim in this wing is made easy.

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Available on backorder

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Reducing gas dead zones in the Hydros allows for a smaller wing contour, without removing any of its buoyancy capabilities, Shutdowns and valve management have been improved by reducing the volume of the wing in the valve area, and through the area where you want to route your hoses. Its easier to configure a clean and tidy hose routing, leaving your valves clear and accessible.

The Hydros was designed so that the buoyancy in the wing perfectly matches the center of gravity of the gas in your twinset. Irrespective of the inflation level of the wing, or the remaining cylinder pressure, the system trim will not change during the dive. In the Hydros the design ensures that the majority of the wing and therefore buoyancy is kept beneath the surface. Even loaded with two full stages and gear for a deep technical dive, Hydros will hold you high and comfortable out of the waves.

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