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The PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) experience is your chance to check out the underwater world, without committing to a full training course, the PADI DSD can be completed in just a few hours. After meeting your instructor you’ll be off to the pool in no time at all, and soon after breathing underwater. No worries, there is no rush and nervous passengers can take as much time as they need, your instructor will be right next to you the entire time, anyone from 10 years and up is welcome to try.

After a easy to follow briefing from your instructor you’ll get the chance to practice some basic skills to keep you comfortable underwater. When you feel ready, you’ll be taken a short distance down to the shoreline for a dive in the ocean, you’ll get to see our amazing coral reef, and all the marine life that lives there. From start to finish allow about 3 hours, with about 1 hour of that underwater.

Your course fee is inclusive of all the required equipment, materials and training, there are no hidden expenses to worry about. Once you have completed your experience, don’t forget to let your instructor know if you would like to carry on with your Open Water training now or in the future, they will give you a document that can be used to gain credit towards your open water course.

We meet at Cebu Seaview Dive resort, this is where the pool training is conducted, and the departure point for the open water dive. On site there is parking, changing facilities, a storage area for your belongings, and a restaurant where you can relax before and after your dive.

If this date doesn’t suit you there are more scheduled, you can also ask us about availability if you have a particular date in mind.


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