About Moalboal

Moalboal, a former fishing village, is a small town in the south west of Cebu, famed for scuba diving, freediving and snorkeling. In Moalboal you will find lots of hotels, homestays, restaurants, bars, coffee shops. You will also find some of the easiest to access dive sites in the world, and we can dive the entire year around, with the exception of a few windy days here and there.  If you would like to learn more about Moalboal and the diving here, have a look through the other pages on this site. Moalboal is known for a few things, most notably in recent times the sardine ball, which provides divers with the chance to be surrounded by millions of fish moving as one, and making the most incredible patterns, it’s really something very special and should not be missed. Moalboal is also known for the larger marine life which visits there. Whale sharks are known locally as Tuki, a small one can be 3 to 4 meters, the larger specimens reaching up to 14 meters in length, now imagine that swimming past you unannounced, breathtaking! At certain times of the year you can also see pilot whales passing through, and the occasional blue whale has been known to pop up for a breath. Daily sightings of turtles are part of life here, hawksbills, green and occasionally some others. Out wall dive start from 3 meters, and extend to 60 meters plus, suitable for divers of all abilities all year round! Come visit!